Caring for your stained glass

Always be careful with your stained glass piece - even if it looks strong it is still made of fragile breakable materials.

All pieces have been finished with a carnauba wax to help slow oxidization. Oxidization is a natural process and will cause the solder and patina to deepen in colour over time. All pieces can be buffed by using a soft polishing cloth. 

To clean your stained glass art use only soft polishing cloths and avoid anything abrasive such as steel wool. Never use vinegar, ammonia (e.g., windex) or any acid-based cleanser, these can damage the solder and/or came. 

The solder used in Copper & Came Stained Glass art is 60/40 (60% tin, 40% lead). Always wash you hands after handling stained glass art and anything else containing lead.